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"Brightly beams our Father's mercy

From the lighthouse evermore;

But to us He gives the keeping

Of the light along the shore."

       Published monthly by the church of Christ, 35900 Palmer Road, P.O. Box 86-233, Westland, MI  48186     

Volume 4                                                                   February 2005                                                                                    No8 




When Jesus came to Golgotha,

 They nailed Him to a tree,

They drove great nails

          Through His hands,

     And made a Calvary.

They crowned Him with

         a crown of thorns,

     Red were His wounds, and deep;

For those were crude and cruel days

     And human flesh was cheap.

When Jesus came to Westland,

     They simply passed Him by;

They never hurt a hair of Him,

     They only let him die.

For men had grown more tender

     And they would not give Him pain;

They only just passed down the street

     And left Him in the rain.

Still, Jesus cried, “Forgive

        them, Lord,

     They know not what they do!”

And still it rained the winter rain

     That drenched Him

             through and through.   

The crowds went home and

              left the streets  

    Without a soul to see;

And Jesus crouched against a wall

     And cried for Calvary.

Adapted from Studdart-Kennedy,

                 English poet

“When Jesus Came to Birmingham”


When Jesus walked the streets of Palestine, He created a great stir.  Every one had an opinion about Him.  Some said, “He is a good man”, while others said, “No, on the contrary, He leads the people astray.” (Jn 7:12). While many believed in Him, others wanted to seize Him and do Him harm.  (Jn 7:40-43).


            Emotions ran high concerning Jesus and were fickle.  The Jewish rulers turned the people quickly against Him. The people hailed Jesus as King at the first of the week (Jn 12:13), but by the end of the week shouted, “Crucify Him!” (Jn 19:15).


            As the poet Studdart-Kennedy puts it so well, it is hard to imagine Jesus producing the heated response in Westland that He did in Pale-stine 2000 years ago.  Rather, if Jesus came to Westland and spoke, would He not find Himself ignored, mourning in the cold rain due to men’s indifference-


“You must worship your Creator”

 “Who cares?” 


“You must turn from sin”

“Who cares?”


“I am the Good Shepherd, follow My Word”

“Who cares?” 


“I was crucified so God would forgive your sins”

“Who cares?”


Isn’t this how men in Westland react to the Word of Jesus that they don’t even bother to read?  If He came to Westland, would it be any different?


The indifference to the gospel of Jesus Christ seen in Westland, in Michigan, and throughout the United States thankfully is not seen everywhere in the world.  Ed Smith, a preacher of the gospel who lives in Flint, traveled with his family last summer to Africa to tell the Good News.  Ed and his family found many men, women, and children who had great interest in hearing about Jesus and His message of salvation.  Ed traveled extensively and taught those who were enthusiastic to learn, even several in a maximum-security   prison.  The Palmer Rd. church has invited Ed to share the news of his work in Africa with us and with the community.  For the church, Ed’s lessons will serve as a motivation to renew our evangelistic efforts, even though, in general, the community is so indifferent.  Perhaps there is a soul right here in Westland (perhaps it is you) who “hungers and thirsts after righteousness” (Mt 5:6) just as many are eager to do in Africa and we want to find them (you).  For those of you in the community, as Ed tells how some of the poorest in this world have found true riches in Jesus Christ, you will be stirred to a greater spiritual interest- an interest that will lead to the spiritual transformation of your life and to the salvation of your soul.  Won’t you please join us for this series of lessons?  Here is the schedule:

Friday, February 25th @ 7:30 P.M. 

Saturday, February 26th @ 11 AM and 4 P.M.

Sunday, February 27th @ 10 A.M.



What will you do with Jesus?  The question comes to you!

And you must give an answer, For something you must do.


“What will you do with Jesus?”  It comes by night and day;

With pierced hands uplifted, He waits- what will you say?


What will you do with Jesus?  He’s knocking at the door!

Refuse Him soul, no longer; Lest He should plead no more.


What shall it be?  What shall it be?  What shall your answer be?

What will you do with Jesus?   O what shall your answer be?


-- James Robinson 


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