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"Brightly beams our Father's mercy

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Of the light along the shore."

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Volume 3                                                                        December 2003                                                                              No6 




  Why should you become a disciple of Jesus?  Should you become a Christian just because someone tells you to “accept Jesus as your personal Savior”?  No.   It wouldn’t make sense for you to stop living your life the way that you want to live it in order to do everything that Jesus wants you to do without any reason- without good reason!  Many people have the mistaken idea that faith in Jesus is just blind acceptance- a leap that doesn’t make sense, but should be and must be taken anyway.  But, Christianity is based on objective evidence that you may consider and reach a conclusion about- evidence that can persuade you to believe.


             Before you become a Christian, you should be convinced of three things:  1) There is a God, 2) The Bible is the Word of God, and 3) Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.  These three considerations follow in a logical order, for if there is no God, the Bible cannot be the Word of God, and obviously Jesus is not His Son.  If there is a God, but the Bible is not the Word of God, there is no reason to believe Jesus is the Son of God because all of the evidence to consider about Jesus is found in the Bible.  Notice the building blocks below that illustrate the three-step process of coming to faith in Jesus:



Text Box:    JESUS
Text Box:     BIBLE
Text Box:       GOD





There is one way, however, to streamline this three-step process into one step, one step where faith in God, in the Bible, and in Jesus can be considered at the same time.  This can be done by the consideration of predictions made concerning the coming “Christ” or King in the Old Testament.  If it can be shown that Jesus fulfilled the predictions in the Old Testament, three points will be established at once, 1) There must be a God, for man cannot predict the future, 2) The Bible could not have come purely from the mind of men, but must be as it claims, the Word of God­  and 3) Jesus is the “Christ” the prophets wrote would come.


            Isaiah wrote His predictions about the Christ about 700 B.C., according to the dating of the reigns of the kings who were living during the time of his writing (Isa 1:1).  Even setting aside the dating from the book if Isaiah itself, it is clear that Isaiah wrote before the time of Jesus as a complete manuscript of Isaiah was found among the Dead Sea scrolls that has been dated from 100 years B.C.  What man, without Divine guidance, can correctly predict events 700 years before they happen- or even 100 years?


            Please give careful consideration to the predictions Isaiah made in chapter 53 and the fulfillment of his predictions by Jesus.  Study the chart on the back page that compares Isaiah’s predictions with the life of Jesus as told in the gospel.  See for yourself if there is indeed evidence to believe in God, the Bible, and Jesus- evidence that would persuade you to become a Christian.





He would be despised, forsaken of men, a man of sorrows (53:1-3)


He would be pierced, crushed, chastened, and scourged for man’s sins so that man could be healed (53:4-6)


He would not open His mouth while He was oppressed and afflicted; He would be as a lamb led to the slaughter or a sheep silent before its shearers (53:7)


His grave would be assigned with wicked men (53:9)


He would be with a rich man in His death (53:9)


He would prolong His days after He gave Himself as a sin offering (53:10-11)


He would receive a reward from God because He poured Himself out to death to bear man’s sins and to intercede for Him (53:12)



Jesus was despised, forsaken of men; a man of sorrows (Jn 1:11; Mk 15:29-32; Lk 19:41-42)


Jesus bore man’s sins in His body on the cross; by His wounds man is healed (1 Pet 2:24)



Jesus did not open His mouth to defend Himself when unjustly accused at His trial; He went to His death quietly, without protest (Mt 26:62-63; 27:12-14)


Jesus was crucified between two robbers (Mk 15:27-28)


Jesus was buried by a rich man (Mt 27:57-61)


Jesus was raised from the dead as many witnesses testified (Acts 10:40-41; 1 Cor 15:1-8)


Jesus was highly exalted by God because of His death on the cross for man’s sins (Phil 2:8-11)


       Study the above chart carefully, comparing the predictions of Isaiah to the gospel account of Jesus’ life.  Read all of the passages of Scripture for yourself.  You will see Jesus fulfilled everything that Isaiah predicted about the Christ.  Therefore, you have reason to believe that there is a God, that the Bible is the Word of God, and that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.  If this evidence persuades you to believe, why won’t you do as those who first were persuaded- repent of your sins and be baptized that your sins might be forgiven- become a Christian, a disciple of Jesus (Acts 2:36-38,41).  You have reason to believe that He is the King- reason to let Him rule your life!



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